If you don’t roll very thick ones and you’re more concerned about your budget than your health, you can use the filters twice.

This is due to the great difference in temperature between the hot smoke and the cold activated charcoal, in which smoke and humidity condense instead of being filtered. In this case, we recommend placing the filter in a warm place before smoking (e.g. on the radiator, computer, stereo) and if necessary, to stop smoking outside. If it still poses a problem when smoking inside, you can take smaller drags to prevent the smoke from getting too hot and make sure that the filters aren’t kept in a cool place beforehand (e.g. windowsill or floor).

We have an answer worthy of Solomon: if the pipe tastes much better after changing the filter, it was too late. Some change it after 2-3 hits, others after 7-10 bowls.

We can assure you that all our actiTube activated charcoal products are of plant origin.

We at actiTube have of course also asked ourselves this question. Unfortunately, we do not (yet) have any scientific proof of this, but we can assure you from many years of experience that we do not notice any loss. Nor has there been a single complaint in the last 20 years in this vain – quite the contrary.

actiTube Aktivkohlefilter könnten unbenutzt ohne Einschränkung kompostiert werden. Nach dem Gebrauch allerdings sind sie voller Schadstoffe (besonders wenn mit Tabak geraucht wurde) und gehören nicht in die Umwelt, sondern in den Restmüll.

We have no scientific evidence, but you can see the difference in how stained a pipe becomes after multiple uses with and without active charcoal in the following picture.

With activated charcoal:

Without activated charcoal: