About Us

In 1998, the actiTube founder got the tip from a doctor friend to filter the smoke from the water pipe with activated charcoal in order to reduce the burden on the airways. That same evening, the first attempts were made with an activated charcoal filtered bong. Initially very critical, as he feared the loss of THC, two years later he was completely convinced of the benefits of filtration. So the idea came about to offer all friends of hemp consumption a filter that reduces harmful substances and improves taste.

From Tune to actiTube

In 2001 the company was founded under the name “Tune smart smoking”, which was changed to actiTube in 2014 for trademark reasons. In the beginning there were only a few retailers who believed in our products, but today you can get the actiTube activated carbon filters in practically every European head shop. In German-speaking countries you can get these in many tobacco shops, kiosks, late night shops, tobacconists and increasingly even at petrol stations.

Made in Germany

All actiTube products are made in Germany. We try, where possible, to work with local partners and pay particular attention to fair dealings with all customers, trading partners, suppliers and employees.

Legalize it

We at actiTube consider the current legal regulations for adult hemp consumers to be completely superfluous. However, we would like to advise everyone under the age of 18 against consumption because of possible developmental disorders. We recommend discreet treatment even under 22 years of age.

For the environment – bye bye plastic!

We at actiTube are very proud that we have recently been able to do without plastic in all of our activated carbon products. All activated carbon filters now come with two ceramic caps and are therefore only made of natural raw materials. All consumer packs of the activated carbon filters are made of cardboard and where possible we work with local partners to avoid unnecessary transport.

actiTube activated charcoal filters can be composted without restriction. After use, however, they are full of harmful substances (especially if you have smoked with tobacco) and do not belong in the environment, but in the residual waste!

Fair trading - normal for us

actiTube has always paid attention to low sales prices and fair treatment of all employees and business partners. We pay good salaries and all taxes in Germany. In contrast to our imitators, we will tell you if we do not fill our filters well and inform you about their poorer filtration.

We do not print products from low-wage countries with our name in order to earn additional money with inferior goods or the 1000th paper stamp. actiTube products and their packaging are fairly produced in Germany and you won’t find any unfairly produced goods from us in the future either.

Broad impact even without social media

As long as cannabis is largely illegal around the world, we don’t want to feed the data traders on social media channels with the data of your preferences. We therefore refrain from using these media. We are happy to be reached using old-fashioned contact options via email and telephone. actiTube doesn’t care which website you were on. Neither do we want your surfing behavior to be saved in the USA. That is why actiTube does without tracking tools such as Google Analytics etc.