Takes the gunk​

out of the skunk​!

Takes the gunk​

out of the skunk​!


From rolls of cardboard to activated charcoal filters – the evolution of the joint filter​

Activated charcoal filters in joints and bongs improve the taste immensely and reduce the contamination of the airways. We at actiTube in Berlin have known this for twenty years and have been applying our knowledge to the development and production of activated charcoal filters for cannabis users since 2001. Before 2001, joints were fitted with cardboard rolls and only the type of cardboard varied. These reduced the temperature of the smoke, but all the harmful substances in the smoke were retained. actiTube was the first company to tackle this uncultivated practice and launched the first activated charcoal filters for joints.

The classic​

If you expect particularly good filtration, roll particularly large joints or smoke one hit pure pipes, use our 8 mm REGULAR activated charcoal filter.

It has the largest volume and therefore the best filtration capacity. It now comes with two ceramic caps and thus eases your environmental conscience. Now it is no longer necessary to pay attention to the direction of insertion. The 8 mm REGULAR activated charcoal filter marks the beginning of the actiTube history. This size already existed before in the tobacco industry, but until then it was practically only used in tobacco pipes, which is why the filter was given the name REGULAR.


The crowd favorite​

For our SLIM filter we have selected the smallest diameter with which we could still achieve very good filtration results.

7 mm is considered by many to be the ideal diameter. With it we developed the world’s first real activated charcoal joint filter and later set standards for some imitators. Like its older brother, the 7 mm SLIM filter is well-filled and filters almost as well as its larger model. Nevertheless, it has a very handy size and therefore enjoys the greatest popularity among our filters. Like all actiTube products it is made in Germany.

The raw type

Those who find our packed activated charcoal filters too mild to taste, can choose the new EXTRA SLIM FULL FLAVOR.

Our full flavor activated charcoal filter is only half filled with activated charcoal. As a result, significantly fewer pollutants are filtered and the taste becomes rougher. With its 6 mm it is the youngest and smallest member of the actiTube family. Due to the mild taste of our 7 mm and 8 mm activated charcoal filters, people often take too large drags. This causes the joint to overheat. With the 50% FULL FLAVOR filling, the smoke tastes more intense and small puffs are enough to get a strong taste.

Our one hit pure pipes –
elegant, gentle and effective!

For those who do not want to smoke tobacco or want to smoke as effectively as possible, a pure pipe can be an important utensil. All our pure pipes are handmade in Germany with care and are neither stained nor varnished. The three models are made of aromatic olive wood, precious briar and fine pear wood. The wood comes from Central and Southern Europe. The actiTube pipes are equipped with an 8 mm REGULAR activated charcoal filter. This filter is able to tame the typically scratchy and hot taste of pure pipes.

Olive wood

the diva among woods

The very slow-growing olive wood with its vivid grain is not only visually attractive, but also very hard and therefore durable. It resists the flame and embers very well and gives off (especially in the beginning) a very pleasant, slightly nutty taste. Because of its tendency to crack and its irregular growth, olive wood requires the most attention from our turner.

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a root bulb with tradition​

The wood of the briar root is also characterized by excellent durability. It has a fine grain and a very neutral taste. This type of wood has been used for exquisite tobacco pipes since the beginning of the 19th century. Our briar pipe has a hygienic and noble looking acrylic mouthpiece and its timeless shape is reminiscent, at least for us, of the Bauhaus design.

Pear wood​

for students and scatterbrains​

Compared to our other woods, the pear can only show off its taste neutrality. Since the wood is not as fussy as the olive, or rare and small like the briar root, it is our cheapest model. With this pipe it is not such a big drama if it gets lost at a festival.

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Activated charcoal​ – mission adsorption

Due to its special surface structure activated charcoal is able to adsorb large quantities of pollutants.

The actiTube activated charcoal is manufactured in high quality pellet form and is dusted and washed. It is manufactured from vegetable raw materials and according to our specifications. In the joint or in the bong, the smoking experience is reliably enhanced without impairing the smoking experience. Due to its uniform structure, our activated charcoal in pellet form is able to filter particularly evenly and reproducibly. Simple charcoal is too unreliable for us; moreover it is usually not free of small splinters that can be sucked through the caps.

For the environment – bye bye plastic!​

We at actiTube are very proud that now all of our activated charcoal products are plastic-free. All activated charcoal filters now come with two ceramic caps and are therefore only made of natural raw materials. All consumer packs of the activated charcoal filters are made of cardboard. Wherever possible, we work together with local partners and thus avoid unnecessary transport. actiTube activated charcoal filters could be composted unused without restriction. After use, however, they are full of harmful substances (especially when smoked with tobacco) and do not belong in the ground, but in the residual waste!

Fair business practices – goes without saying for us​

actiTube has always paid attention to favorable sales prices and fair treatment of all employees and business partners. We pay good salaries and all applicable taxes in Germany. Unlike our imitators, we tell you when we do not fill our filters completely and inform you about their poorer filtration. We do not print products from low-wage countries with our name in order to earn extra money with inferior goods or the 1000th paper brand. actiTube products and also their packaging are fairly produced in Germany and you will not find any unfairly produced goods from us in the future.

Wide appeal even without social media​

As long as cannabis is predominantly illegal worldwide, we don’t want to feed the data dealers of social media channels with the details of your preferences. Therefore, we will refrain from using these media. However, we are happy to hear from you via e-mail and telephone using the good old-fashioned ways of contact. actiTube is not interested in which internet pages you visit. Neither do we want your surfing habits to be stored in the USA. That’s why actiTube gets by without tracking tools such as Google Analytics etc.