This pull-out bowl has a cone-shaped bottom that fits almost any water pipe with a female piece. Drop Out’s charcoal goes in the empty space in the female piece underneath the bowl. A silicon gasket ensures a good seal and holds the bowl secure. Available in two sizes: approx. 17mm-22.5mm and approx. 22.5mm-28mm


A two-piece bowl with a standard-size thread and room for activated carbon. Fits almost any water pipe with a threaded downtube. The bottom half of Turn On contains the loose charcoal that ensures optimal filtration of the smoke. The result is a smooth, pleasant smoking experience.


actiTube loose charcoal is available in 20g and 150g bags for the pipe bowls Turn On and Drop Out.


You can see the difference in how stained a pipe becomes after multiple uses with (above) and without (beneath) actiTube charcoal in the examples.


Tune activated charcoal filter systems  

- improve the taste of the smoke
- reduce the amount of tar that reaches your lungs
- keep your pipe clean longer
- make harsh blends taste smoother
- make it easier to smoke pure